The purpose of Community Church is…

to Glorify God by Exalting His name, by Edifying the believers in Christ, by Evangelizing the lost, and by Extending the ministry of compassion into our community.”

You no doubt noticed the four “E-words” in that statement (the bold type helps, huh?).  Just so we are all on the same page, here’s what they mean to us…

exalting his nameExalting His name…

When we talk about exalting or lifting up God’s name, it’s another way of saying that we desire to make Him look good!  In reality, He doesn’t need much help from us in that because He’s already the essence of perfection!  But what we’re trying to communicate is that it’s our desire for our lives to be lived in such a way that we show that we are His!  This should happen in many ways – the words we use, the actions we engage in, the type families we raise, the way we handle God’s blessings, etc. (you probably have the idea by now)…

Edifying the believers in Christ…edifying pic

Edify is a fancy word for encouraging… and it’s part of our goal as a church family to make sure that every person who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ with whom we come into contact, is encouraged and built up in their faith.  This includes equipping them for life, praying alongside them, helping them with problems or issues they might be facing, etc.

Evangelizing the lost… 

evangelizing the lostThe Bible’s description of people who have turned away from God is “lost.”  At Community Church we don’t use that term in order to talk down about anyone – because each one of us knows what is is to be “lost” – because that was our condition too – before we placed our faith in Christ.  We use that term simply because it’s how things really are from God’s perspective -and He’s done everything He can to make sure that things don’t stay that way.  He’s entrusted those within the church with the job of spreading the good news that through Jesus, every person can be found.  That’s where “evangelizing” comes in.  It’s one of those scary church-words that doesn’t really have to be so scary.  All it means is telling other people about what Jesus has done for us.  Many times we only get that opportunity after we’ve actually cared enough to love other people the way Jesus loves them – genuinely and on purpose.  So when we say “Evangelizing the lost” you could also interpret that as, “Offering others the forgiveness that God offers.”  It’s not high-pressure or overbearing – it’s an act of love… done in the context of friendship and concern…

Extending the ministry of compassion into our community…

The word “compassion” means to “suffer with” someone.  How often has that happened in your life?  It speaks VOLUMES Extending compassionwhen someone cares enough about you to do something like that.  Our desire as a church is not to simply huddle together and cram a lot of Bible stuff into our heads… we want to put it into action in our community.  When Jesus talks about loving our neighbor the way we love ourselves, we want to be people who are consistently striving to make our lives a demonstration of that type of love.  We aren’t perfect at it, and probably never will be.  But we want more than anything to be in partnership with God to love the people He’s placed around us – the way He wants them to be loved.

 That’s it!  We honestly don’t have any other agenda than that!  To be honest, it’s all we can handle.  But with God’s help and hearts that truly want to be what He has in mind, we will become more and more capable of heading in that direction!


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