God: Loving and Forgiving- Sermon Audio

Date: June 19, 2011
By: Carey Green
Series: What I Would Die For


2 thoughts on “God: Loving and Forgiving- Sermon Audio”

  1. I wrote a comment before. Thanks for the message. I thought that maybe there was no pastor there. I had the idea, just the idea, of offering to give a series of messages, at no charge in Leadville. Since I,m not known, it would have to be well considered. But I see you are well served by Carey (whom I hope to meet). We get to Pbville once a year, usually.

    • Hi Ken, good to hear from you (this is Carey). I appreciate your encouragement… things are going well, growth is happening slowly and enthusiasm for the Lord and a devout spiritual walk is growing as well. I’d love to meet you when you get to Pb-ville!

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