Churches today are organized in a variety of ways… and at Community Church we desire to follow the instructions and descriptions of the New Testament in determining how our church government should be structured.  To that end, the Community Church family is both congregationally ruled, and Elder led. That might take a bit of explaining for some who aren’t familiar with those terms… so here’s our best shot:

Congregationally ruled – means that the congregation has final decision-making authority on all major issues.  This would be anything from a major purchase to hiring of staff.  It also means that the congregation receives and dismisses members.  If you have any questions about how our membership works, you can find documents about that topic HERE. Elder led – means that the congregation has chosen a group of Biblically qualified men (1 Timothy 3 , Titus 1) to lead the church family as shepherds, teachers, and overseers of the church family (all those are words the Bible uses to describe the function and role of Elders).  The Elders are entrusted by the congregation with the daily oversight and spiritual leadership of the church family.

About our Elders…

Dale Wibbenmeyer – has been attending Community Church since Y2K (remember that?) along with his wife Debbie.  They also have three adult children.  Dale has served as an Elder at Community Church on two separate occasions.  Dale is an engineer, working for a local building company.  Debbie is a long-time employee of the local school district, serving as a teacher teacher’s assistant, and lots of other important stuff over the years.

Carl Severance – Carl has been at Community Church for many years. In fact, it is the church where he first came to know Christ in a personal way! Carl’s love for the people of Community Church and the LORD are evident as he seeks to serve the family.

Community Church is currently in a time of significant transition…

Our Pastor of the last five years has resigned, moving on to other fields of ministry. Our Elders have led the way in developing a team of people who are prayerfully seeking the LORD’s will for our future, and considering the next steps to take regarding our leadership needs and future. We apprecaite your prayers.


19 thoughts on “Leadership”

  1. Carl Severance said:

    Hi Pastor Carey, As one of the flock under your shepherding I have to say “Praise God” for the man of integrity He has made you and for the wonderful, supportive wife He has given you in honoring and glorifying His name. Thank you for the God-centered example that you and Mindi continually pour into those of our flock.
    My wife and I continually pray for you both and we love you with a love that comes from our Lord!

  2. Gerry Torres said:

    Thank you for the work you do together with your staff. I found some great ideas and images to use for my teen bible class. May God continue to bless you and your ministries.
    Abundant Blassings,
    Gerry Torres

  3. Dear Pastor Carey,
    I was visiting with friends and came to your church Sept.12th. I was truly BLESSED! with the believers,the music, and the message. It brought me great joy to visit a church in a different state ( I’m from Indiana) and feel the Holy Spirit as strong as in my own home church.
    I definitely felt the Spirit in your church as each song was played and each prayer was said, it is good to know that there are other Spirit-filled churches out there!

    God Bless you, your family and the Leadville Community Church,

    • Hi Pam – and thank you for the encouragement! Since this is a public forum, I edited your comment a bit… but I assure you, I will be praying along the lines you requested. Thank you for your kind encouragement. May God bless!

  4. Hi Lynette, and thanks for the encouraging comment! Our church was friendly and warm when I got there, so I give all the credit to the Lord. I’m blessed that you enjoyed your visit.

  5. Madeline said:

    Fantastic! I might just see you then.

  6. Hi! My name is Madeline and I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. I will be coming to leadville next january and staying for 4-5 months. I know that that’s a long ways away but I’m anxious to find a church that will take me in while I’m up there and away from my church at home. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Do you have a youth group (or at least some younger church members)?
    2. Would you be willing to accept someone who was from a different church in a different part of the country?

    • Hi Madeline,

      We’d love to have you come out and be a part of the Community Church family – for however long you can be here! In answer to your questions… 1) We do not have a youth group, but do have quite a few Jr. High and High school students (including 3 of my kids!) We also have a very active Young Life group in town that is lead by some folks from our church. 2) Anyone is welcome at Community Church, regardless of church background or part of the country you come from.

      I hope to see you in January!


  7. Hello again Pastor,
    I felt the need to tell you just how special I think you & your flock are.
    Before talking to you & visiting your church I had become very hardned by life & assumed that all Christians just put on their act on Sunday like a suit or nice dress & then went back to their old selves during the rest of the week .
    I also felt that the main driving force in everybodys life was Money & whats in it for ME !,No matter what they professed otherwise.
    My heart & mind had become closed and cold.
    But for some reason (I believe the Holy Spirit) over the past 3 or 4 months I have been drawn to seek a closer relation & knowledge of MY Savior & the Christian way of life.
    I was lead to You & your flock and am so very thankfull for it .
    I know in my heart that You & your flock are what the Lord wants for me ( I feel it),something I haven’t been able to say for years!
    I know in My Heart that You & your flock are Truly Kind,Loving,Careing,Full Of Life & the Holy Spirit Christians !
    At this time I am reading the book “God is closer than you think” (It’s saying a lot to me) ,just as you have !
    And I am actually excited about coming to church Sunday !
    Praise The Lord !!
    May God Watch Over & Protect You & Your Flock !!

  8. Pastor Carey,
    I am so very excited & gratefull that the Lord lead me to you & your church full of loving & careing people.
    After attending one service & talking to you today I am seeing a glimmer of light leading me out of my wilderness.
    Thank You !

    • Fred, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation today… and am thankful and humbled that you desire to worship and serve Jesus alongside us. I’m eager to get to know you more and to have you meet more folks around the church… keep looking to the cross my brother – we need our Savior more every day!

  9. Carey,

    Hey there brother. I hope things are going well. It has been awhile since we chatted. I’ll try and give you a call sometime. Blessings to you and your ministry.

    Rob Olson

  10. Connie Alexander said:

    God Bless you Pastor Carey,
    The web site is beautiful! I will be visiting it regulary for sure. Your leadership at PIBC still influences my daily life. My very best to you and your family! Those at CC are blessed to have you. Stay well and God Bless.

  11. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, 10 AM is correct! I’ll correct the calendar post-haste!

  12. Sarah Boerger-Smith said:

    I was just wondering of service is at 9 am or not.. I noticed on the calender that it starts at 9 am and I thought it starts at 10 am..?? I just finished the invitations for the play..so exciting

  13. Greg Atkinson said:

    The website is great! Thanks for putting this together for the Community Church. One more thing…being that I’m a chef and all my spritiual gift is relationships through breaking bread together. Let me know if can help out for anything at church or whatever.
    Greg Atkinson

  14. Adam Radicic said:

    Hi pastor Carey!! wanted to drop a line and say HI and wish you and your family the best … i miss our days at PIBC and hope your time in colorado is treating you well. i just recently moved to los angeles / oc and am struggling to find a “normal” church with less than 10000 people and a service where its not a major production 🙂 my search will continue – but i wanted to say hi and touch base. take care!!

    adam radicic

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