Scripture Reading Schedule

Below is the current schedule (as of 1/13/2008) for our all-church weekly devotional reading.  Many people are following the S.O.A.P. outline to help them stay on track.  It is briefly outlined for you below…

S – Scripture – spend time reading the assigned scriptures
O – Observation – take time to understand the passage, what is happening and why
A – Application – begin asking God, “How can this apply to MY life?”
P – Prayer – Ask God to help you apply this passage to your life today.


Week of April 6th

Luke 6:37-38
Luke 6:39
Luke 6:40
Luke 6:41-42

Week of April 13th

Luke 6:43-44
Luke 6:45
Luke 6:46
Luke 6:47-49

Week of April 20th

Luke 7: 1-5
Luke 7:6-8
Luke 7:9-10






3 thoughts on “Scripture Reading Schedule”

  1. Addie Haberkorn said:

    I have only been attending your services a few week now.( I at one time was a member of the church) But find that you have answered alot of questions already.
    My sister and I were discussing a subject on how being neither hot nor cold for the Lord and wondering how we could be better and make more of a decision for him. Your sermon that Sunday was Holy Spirit inspired.So thank you for taking the time to study and pray and following the Holy Spirits lead. Because he is truly using you to minister to all of us.
    God Bless.

  2. I’m happy that it helps. And I’m glad to know that you are using it. Keep it up!


  3. Andrea Padilla said:

    S.O.A.P helps us alot in reading and understanding the bible.

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